Financial Management

Forensic Accounting

As the complexities of the business environment grow, accounting professionals are asked more frequently to assist in the investigation of financial and business related issues. BBL is one of few woman-owned, small businesses that offer forensic accounting services. We pride ourselves on our investigative capabilities and ability to convey results quickly and concisely.


Accounting is the backbone to every business, and having a strong accounting system is the only way for a business to excel in today’s ever changing economy. BBL provides an array of accounting services to government and corporate clients that support you in achieving your business goals and realizing your greatest financial gains.

Budget Formulation, Execution, and Monitoring

BBL’s team of financial experts brings extensive experience in supporting budget formulation, execution, and monitoring processes. Our expertise can help you utilize tools that connect financial management data with budget and performance, which is critical to the success of your business.

Cash Management

At BBL we understand that cash management is typically the most frequent challenge for businesses. We help you understand the basic concepts and methodology of cash flow so that you are prepared to overcome unforeseen circumstances that many businesses encounter.

Audit Preparation & Readiness

Audits are requested by all types of individuals (i.e. investors, banks, and other stakeholders). Audits vary in type and information levels. BBL’s audit preparation is the process of ensuring the client is ready for such review or audit. BBL assists in gathering the company’s financial transactions to ensure all supporting documents are utilized and to confirm the financial statements are presented accurately, prior to a review or audit. BBL may also serve as the liaison between the company and auditor.